The Dog That Never Stops Eating

My dog’s name is Theodore Roosevelt Klein, aka Teddy. He is a white, brown, and black Jack Russel and Beagle mix. He is very lazy and relaxed most of the time, and the other half of the time he is a hyper beast running around outside. He loves to go on walks, and gets excited as soon as he hears someone say the word “walk”. He’s a pretty smart dog, although we never trained him thoroughly, so he doesn’t know any commands besides “sit” and “down”.

When he’s not laying down getting touchy, he’s stalking the kitchen for food; he is on a never ending quest to mooch food off of anyone in my family. Also, he is an expert at giving my family the sad face in order to get us to give him more food. If you aren’t careful and have eyes on your food at all times, he will jack the food right off your plate.

Other then that he is a well behaved dog, who likes to cuddle with you and watch tv. Currently, he has a back problem and sort of hobbles around most of the time. He is given dog pain medication everyday at breakfast and dinner time. Hopefully, he gets well, so he won’t be in pain anymore.

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