Poem: What Is Life?

A Change of State


I am alive for now.

Allowing life in it’s entirety to be experienced.
Happenings flowing through my consciousness;
But not latching on and becoming attached to one.

Excluding no parts of the whole.

Positive and negative; black and white; it is all assimilated.

But what is the point to being alive.

The reason behind the every breath that enters my lungs.

Is the only purpose of life to survive and feeling my existence is hollow?

Or is emptiness an impermanent state to be filled with meaning.

Then being drained of that  critical life meaning, possibly due to it’s irrelevance.

Shifting from fulfillment to emptiness; inevitably to change once more.

Shifting from emptiness to fulfillment; two sides of the same coin.

A coin that rotates ever so slowly or quite quickly.

Change is the only constant, which can be assured to happen.

For one’s reality is created by their own doing, being, feeling, and thinking.

Would one find meaning in life after becoming enlightened to this notion?

Knowing that they are the true creator and initiator of the unfolding of their life.

A sense of helplessness and victimized by life would be abandoned,

And replaced by a sense of power,

I’d hope a countenance of joy and determination would bestowed upon the recipient of such knowledge.


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Written by dankwritingblog

Daniel Klein is a 26 year old, New Jersey based writer/comedian. He spent all 26 years of his life living in New Jersey. He's a laid back, funny, kind, open minded, and swell guy who makes you think about subjects in a truthful and humorous way, while feeling good. He loves the chance for entertaining, sharing, teaching and establishing positive relationships with his viewers!

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