I have become what used to annoy me.

You know how when you go into the mall and the sales people will nag you to sign up for some program or buy a product? Yeah, it annoys me too whenever I go to the mall. Well, ironically I have started a job doing direct sales. It’s the summer and I need a job, so I can buy a car and pay my bills; if I don’t have a car by September, I won’t be able to attend classes at college. It’s my second to last semester before I get my Bachelors Degree, and I want to get it over with; I’m 24, and most people get their degree by age 22. Although, all that matters is that I get my degree, even if the time frame is not what I hoped for.

Back to how I have become the source of your irritation at the mall. I am torn between earning money and feeling bad for signing people up for a program that I am ignorant about. I approach people like I’m on a wild hunt, full of enthusiasm. I mention to the people what I am offering: a chance to win an 8 day, 7 night vacation to wherever they want. That is when my heart strings are played like Bach by the customers. Some customers have mentioned they signed up for the same giveaway the previous year and somehow got convinced to buy a vacation by the company; which allegedly resulted in the customer’s card being charged way more money than the vacation price they agreed on. This resulted in the customer having to go on a wild goose chase to get the money placed back into their bank account. So I stand there while the customer projects their vacation giveaway sorrows onto me; looking at me like I am guilty for their issue with the company. On one hand I need to earn some money, and this is a legitimate job that pays me. On the other hand, I am made to feel like a horrid criminal working for the company who condones people being ripped off; even though I have no idea of the reality of the actual situation these people were involved in.


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Daniel Klein is a 26 year old, New Jersey based writer/comedian. He spent all 26 years of his life living in New Jersey. He's a laid back, funny, kind, open minded, and swell guy who makes you think about subjects in a truthful and humorous way, while feeling good. He loves the chance for entertaining, sharing, teaching and establishing positive relationships with his viewers!

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