Ghost Story: Mystery Flip

I’m starting this new section of the blog in which I’ll tell paranormal experiences I have had (I vouch that every story is true). There have been numerous paranormal experiences in my life; most of which, took place inside of a house. In my opinion, the paranormal is profound and sparks my curiosity. It is considered a taboo subject, although in my life it has become somewhat normal. I feel that a lot of people are intrigued because science has not yet been able to explain how it definitely works, so it’s an open mystery. There have been research done on quantum physics, which some physicists believe has a direct correlation to the paranormal. So without further to say, I’ll get on to the story before this becomes a boring rambling session. read more


Poem: It’s About Time

How Is Time

The lazy say there is more time tomorrow to do something

Months will pass, and they still won’t do what they want to get done.

People who know the worth of time,

Say time is money

Every hour can be used to work and earn.

Time is invaluable to everyone.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking it’s infinite

Because you never know when your time here will run out.

Time spent working to make a living

Is never wasted.

Neither is time spent doing what you love

And spending it with those people you love, who love you. read more