Ghost Story: Mystery Flip

I’m starting this new section of the blog in which I’ll tell paranormal experiences I have had (I vouch that every story is true). There have been numerous paranormal experiences in my life; most of which, took place inside of a house. In my opinion, the paranormal is profound and sparks my curiosity. It is considered a taboo subject, although in my life it has become somewhat normal. I feel that a lot of people are intrigued because science has not yet been able to explain how it definitely works, so it’s an open mystery. There have been research done on quantum physics, which some physicists believe has a direct correlation to the paranormal. So without further to say, I’ll get on to the story before this becomes a boring rambling session.


Everyday I’ll spend time hanging out in my kitchen drinking tea and whipping up some really exciting breakfast food like toast with jelly. Then I’ll take a seat, sip on some tea, eat toast, and theorize the possible new world order that would proceed after Donald Trump is elected President; I’m guessing that angry racists would think it’s acceptable to openly persecute the race they hate, leading to them sporting an attractive white and black uniform. As I ate the toast, or eggs….whatever it was, I noticed my dog started to stare at the doorway that connects the hallway to the kitchen. Right before the doorway there is a garbage can–the type that has a lid that can spin vertically 360 degrees. I suddenly felt a sense of anticipation, then within five seconds I watched the lid of the can flip almost completely upside down, and then spin back…and forth… until it returned to a resting position. This happened in June 2016, when I was already well acquainted with entities moving objects; so I wasn’t frightened or shocked, though I was in awe and felt inquisitive about the happening. It amazes me how entities can move stuff, because I’m not sure how it’s possible.



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