Global Warming Is a NASA manipulated hoax, according to Australian Senator -Malcolm Roberts

Is global warming actually the Earth warning us humans as a species? Obviously the Earth can’t speak English, but it can communicate in it’s own Earthy way:

The temperatures slowly climb over the years–translation–“Um, yeah, humans, you are polluting me and if this continues, eventually I will become one big microwave,” said the Earth.

Recently a video was posted in which an official worker in the Aussie Senate, Malcolm Roberts, denied that a scientist’s data showing a rise in temperature levels is true. In fact he said, The data isn’t true, and was manipulated by NASA. read more


Ghost Story II: One Man’s Trash is a Ghost’s Play toy.

This story originally took place around January 2013 while I was living in a temporary house, while my other house was being repaired. The scenario that occurred would happen many times after I originally noticed it. It wouldn’t happen every night, definitely happened at least once every week though.

I would be laying in my bed at night, attempting to fall asleep, and the room is dead silent. Suddenly, I’d hear a crinkling noise coming from my garbage can. The sound was loud and sounded as if someone put their hand in the can and just squeezed trash repeatedly; the sound was way noisier and persistent than merely a plastic wrapper falling onto other pieces of trash. read more