Ghost Story II: One Man’s Trash is a Ghost’s Play toy.

This story originally took place around January 2013 while I was living in a temporary house, while my other house was being repaired. The scenario that occurred would happen many times after I originally noticed it. It wouldn’t happen every night, definitely happened at least once every week though.

I would be laying in my bed at night, attempting to fall asleep, and the room is dead silent. Suddenly, I’d hear a crinkling noise coming from my garbage can. The sound was loud and sounded as if someone put their hand in the can and just squeezed trash repeatedly; the sound was way noisier and persistent than merely a plastic wrapper falling onto other pieces of trash.

Being scientifically minded and skeptical I’d try to dismiss the sound as just a wrapper unraveling or the wind coming in from my window. However, this happened during winter, when my windows would ever be open since it’s so cold outside; it happened in the Spring, Fall, and Summer as well. Also, when I’d hear the garbage crunching and moving about, I didn’t put anything into the can for at least 2 hours; therefore, any wrapper that was unfolding would have been finished unfolding by that point. No one would have gone in my room to put more garbage in it either, because I was in my room for the past 2 hours and would obviously see one of my family members if they came in. I didn’t even get up from my bed to walk around my room, so I can rule out garbage being affected by the vibrations created by my footsteps in the vicinity of the trash bin.  The garbage wasn’t disturbed by any physical forces that I could detect is the bottom line.

Also, immediately after the noise started, I looked in the garbage can while laying on my bed, to discover there was no mouse, rat, or other animal scavenging for food.

I can’t explain this random moving around of my garbage with science, so I’ll blame it on ghosts. Or maybe ghosts can be explained by science, and the tools to measure them entirely and extensively are just not available yet.

But for real, I don’t think ghosts would play with garbage, unless of course it’s their kinky fetish. If it was a ghost, it was probably just trying to get my attention.

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