Global Warming Is a NASA manipulated hoax, according to Australian Senator -Malcolm Roberts

Is global warming actually the Earth warning us humans as a species? Obviously the Earth can’t speak English, but it can communicate in it’s own Earthy way:

The temperatures slowly climb over the years–translation–“Um, yeah, humans, you are polluting me and if this continues, eventually I will become one big microwave,” said the Earth.

Recently a video was posted in which an official worker in the Aussie Senate, Malcolm Roberts, denied that a scientist’s data showing a rise in temperature levels is true. In fact he said, The data isn’t true, and was manipulated by NASA.

Professor Brian Cox is a particle physicist and science communicator, best known for his BBC shows including Wonders of the Universe and Wonders of Life.

One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts will represent Queensland in the Senate. He’s worked in coal mining and has an honours degree in engineering and a masters degree in business administration.

Brian Cox’s presentation of empirical data was on trial by a senator who doesn’t have a degree in anything pertaining to the environment. This is nothing new though, and often happens around the globe: people with minimal knowledge on a subject making definitive claims on that subject?

Senator Roberts opposed the Senate Bill 21 in Alaska, which deals with regulating oil and gas production taxes, and appropriations from taxes paid under the Alaska Net Income Tax Act. It isn’t infeasible to say that Senator Roberts is a starch supporter of natural gas production and usage. Part of combating global warming involves using alternative fuels that aren’t as harmful to the environment. Therefore, it makes sense for Senator Roberts to deny global warming in order to further his political agenda involving natural gas and oil.

Of course the climate has changed, fluctuating in temperatures throughout history; however, it should be alarming if the temperature continuously climbs and doesn’t decline. Those in government can’t hide behind the assumption that the temperature will eventually decline, and fluctuate; because what if it doesn’t decline and eventually becomes so high, that humans as a whole enter a dire situation; possibly dying from the heat, as well as the crops, food, plants, and other Earth resources being destroyed by high temperatures?

What do you think? Is global warming real or a hoax?


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