What Am I Looking For?

You ever wake up in the morning and say to yourself, “What in God’s name do I want to do with my life?” It’s a feeling like after you shake a coke bottle: the feeling just fizzes up wanting to explode out. I suppose we are all looking for some kind of purpose in life depending on your version of the truth. Without having this key, your life can feel somewhat incomplete. Some people want to become business people, others want to be stay at home parents; and if this makes them feel fulfilled and happy, then more power to them. Self-proclaimed realists will tell you that sometimes you need to abandon your dreams and become more pragmatic; get a job that will support your survival, because following your dreams doesn’t always make you rich. Although, you shouldn’t abandon your dreams completely, and instead pursue them when you have free time. read more


Ghost Story III: Keys

I was working at a disabled peoples’ home during the Summer of 2015. It was at a group home in Andover, NJ. Every night I would give all the clients their medicine; then sit down at the table in the kitchen to mark it in the medicine book. Some of the medicines are locked in these metal boxes, and I don’t know why; maybe they explode if they’re out of the box for too long. So I’ll usually put the keys for the medicine boxes on the counter next to the refrigerator; and the drawer they belong in is under the counter. read more