Ghost Story III: Keys

I was working at a disabled peoples’ home during the Summer of 2015. It was at a group home in Andover, NJ. Every night I would give all the clients their medicine; then sit down at the table in the kitchen to mark it in the medicine book. Some of the medicines are locked in these metal boxes, and I don’t know why; maybe they explode if they’re out of the box for too long. So I’ll usually put the keys for the medicine boxes on the counter next to the refrigerator; and the drawer they belong in is under the counter.

Anyhow, I just finished initialing in the medicine book that all the clients received their medicines for the night. I closed the book and stood up from the kitchen table. As I’m walking over to the medicine cabinet to put away the book, my eyes happened to be focused on the counter where the keys were sitting. Suddenly, the keys slide about 5-6 inches to the right seemingly on their own, and I froze right after that happened. At first I didn’t believe it actually happened, and walked up to the counter to sorely attempt to convince myself the keys never moved. However, it was blatantly clear the keys did move from their original spot, so trying to convince myself otherwise would have been pure insanity.

At this point I believed in the paranormal and little objects moving at this group home was a frequent occurrence. Matter of fact, every disabled persons group home I ever worked at had bizarre paranormal stuff happening at them; whether it was small objects moving, or banging on walls and tables. I’ll save those stories for another time though.


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