What Am I Looking For?

You ever wake up in the morning and say to yourself, “What in God’s name do I want to do with my life?” It’s a feeling like after you shake a coke bottle: the feeling just fizzes up wanting to explode out. I suppose we are all looking for some kind of purpose in life depending on your version of the truth. Without having this key, your life can feel somewhat incomplete. Some people want to become business people, others want to be stay at home parents; and if this makes them feel fulfilled and happy, then more power to them. Self-proclaimed realists will tell you that sometimes you need to abandon your dreams and become more pragmatic; get a job that will support your survival, because following your dreams doesn’t always make you rich. Although, you shouldn’t abandon your dreams completely, and instead pursue them when you have free time.

Personally, I love to write non-fiction, fiction, poems, and do comedy: whether it’s stand-up or sketch writing. I get satisfaction from making people laugh, inspiring them, and sharing knowledge. Besides this passion of mine, I also inevitably occupy the position of “guide”. Whether proactively or passively, I make people aware of themselves and what they want. I do not like to boss people around, but if someone seeks my advice I am pleased to offer it. Looking back, this guide position is also a role that I feel passionate about working out. Offering guidance to benefit a person’s life makes me feel satisfied and empowered. Currently, these are the activities I’m inspired to do. All the day-to-day tasks need to be taken care of, and I don’t neglect them because they are also important in order to make mundane life functional.

So pursue what you feel passionate about regardless of the outside opinions of others. What will ultimately satisfy you will be found on the inside of yourself, and within no one else. Intuitively you will feel like you’re on the right track when you’re including your passions in your life. And I’m about to go eat lunch and drink tea, so I’ll write again soon.

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