Ghost Story IV: House in Jefferson


I moved back into my old house in Jefferson, NJ in July 2016. Part of the house was crushed by a gigantic tree during Hurricane Sandy. It took only a year for the house to be repair, but 3 years of jostling with the insurance company to finish paying the carpenter, plumber, electrician, and other repairmen.

This house was built in 1804, so it is very old. The house held many different purposes over the years including: a tea house, girl scout camp house, meeting house, and of course housing regular home owners or renters. The first time I ever encountered the paranormal was in this house when I was only 4 years old; I saw a man in my doorway and would cry to my mom about it. Fast forward to October 2016, I was laying in my bed about to go to sleep. Suddenly, I begin to feel someone rubbing their fingers on my head, playing with my hair;  This is startling, and immediately I’ll dismiss it as something normal because I keep a healthy skepticism. At first I thought it was just my head rubbing against the pillow, until I realized my hair being touched was not close enough to touch the pillow. Then I thought maybe it was the  air blowing my hair– not sure how that’s possible since the windows are closed, and there was no air conditioner blowing air. Then 2 minutes later, I feel the same sensation of fingers on my head. Then the touching sensation moved to my arm. You can see how this would be a nuisance when trying to fall asleep.

Around the beginning of October 2016, I fell asleep without any unexpected surprises. I had a dream I was a small child in the downstairs laundry room of the house. The ambiance of the dream was incredibly realistic, and felt like I was awake; though, the environment was just a slightly different hue than how it is normally. This woman in somewhat predated attire began to talk to me, and introduced me to a younger girl around the age of 17 named Ann Marie. In the dream it seemed this was my first time at the house and this woman in charge was introducing me to the other people at the house; maybe they were babysitting me in the dream since I was a younger child lol. Anyhow, the girl I was introduced to Ann Marie; she had ear muffs on and a winter coat. “I’m going to go ice skate on the lake down the road if you want to come,” Ann Marie said to me. I told her that I didn’t have ice skates and didn’t know how to do it. Then I woke up in the dead of night, absolutely freezing cold. The air conditioner wasn’t even running and the temperature was in the 70’s at the time.

Now this may seem like any ordinary dream that your imagination would be able to conjure up; however, it would be interesting to inquire the historical society museum in Jefferson, NJ and dig up information on past owners of the house. I’m curious to see if an Ann Marie ever lived there, and if people used to ice skate often on the lake–absolutely no one ice skates on the lake in the wintertime anymore. It would also be telling if someone fell in the lake during the winter time and died, because that would possibly explain why I woke up freezing cold. Once I find information from the historical society I will write about it, and be able to figure out if it was just my imagination or psychic phenomena.


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