The Journey

They say sometimes you meet people for a season, a reason, or a lifetime.

I’m a stark individualist, though everyone I meet has influenced me,

Whether it be positively or negatively.

I used to think being self-contained and uninfluenced by people made me strong,

Now I see that I learn who I am through other people,

And other people see their own reflection in me.

Everything in life is impermanent, even love,

Don’t believe the fairytale of a happily ever after.

Love may last days, weeks, months, or till death do us part.

Expecting the worst is just stunting growth and openness to new experiences.

Ride the wave of life and love as it comes because inevitably it’s a joyful and sorrowful ride,

No matter how long it lasts.


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Written by dankwritingblog

Daniel Klein is a 26 year old, New Jersey based writer/comedian. He spent all 26 years of his life living in New Jersey. He's a laid back, funny, kind, open minded, and swell guy who makes you think about subjects in a truthful and humorous way, while feeling good. He loves the chance for entertaining, sharing, teaching and establishing positive relationships with his viewers!

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