A Dark Night at Jeffrey’s: Part I

A Dark Night at Jeffrey’s: Part I

By Dan Klein


Jeffrey looks out the window and ponders his life circumstances as the rain fell with increasing ferocity. The tapping and clicking noises of the rain hitting the aluminum gutters are getting more frequent, as time goes on. Then there is Teddy the dog; people think that dogs are unintelligent creatures, but Jeffrey knows just how clever dogs can be. Teddy is a Jack Russell and Beagle mixture.

“Damn it all to hell,” Jeffrey says out loud to himself.


Teddy the dog looks behind himself at Jeffrey thinking, ‘Why aren’t you happy, we’re both alive!’

An uproar of knocking is heard at the door. Three hard raps on the door and then silence. Teddy begins to bark loudly and urgently. Jeffrey leaps up from the living room soft white sofa to answer the door. After swiping the door blinds off to the side, Jeffrey notices that no one is at the door. Teddy’s barking drops off as he calms back down to a placid state.

“What kind of witchcraft is this,” Jeffrey asks himself in a surprised tone.

Teddy begins to wag his tail excitedly, and strolls to behind Jeffrey. He opens the door and takes a peak to the left and right of the door; scanning the entirety of the yard. There isn’t a presence in sight, unless you count Harold the neighbor who is mowing his lawn. Jeffrey is a little daunted.

“It was probably some damn mischievous group of kids playing ding-dong-ditch,” Jeffrey ponders out loud.

Jeffrey likes to say his thoughts out loud because it helps him organize and be aware of his thoughts and feelings.

Slowly turning around with his head down thinking who could’ve been at the door, Jeffrey waltzes back into the living room to sit down. He sits back down on the comfortable love sofa and Teddy prances back into the room to relax with him.


Not having taken a shower all day long, and being sweaty from riding his bike around, Jeffrey decides to take a shower. He casually walks into the laundry room to grab a towel.

‘RAP RAP,’ something pounds on the rectangular window in the laundry room.

Jeffrey jumps back in pure terror as his breath rapidly quickens. Teddy begins to bark frantically again.

“Who are you, you sicko,” Jeffrey yells.

Jeffrey makes a b-line into the kitchen and grasps the largest kitchen knife from the wooden knife holding block.

He decides to not go past the laundry room window so this sick lunatic can’t see him. He runs through the dining room, the hallway and approaches the front door.

“Teddy, come here,” Jeffrey hollers.


Teddy comes running to the front door. Then they both lunge out the front door and down the 3 step stoop, Jeffrey rips a right and passes the patio area; Teddy follows in suit. Jeffrey eases up a bit as he approaches the dark shadows next to the garage, which lead to the back yard. Teddy looks at Jeffrey, and Jeffrey puts his hand up signaling Teddy to stop. The tree frogs are chirping, but not a sound is heard otherwise. Jeffrey and Teddy slowly creep into the shadows, the wet blades of grass squeaking against his sneakers. He approaches the turn to the backyard, heart racing, and knife gripped tightly in his right hand.


“Hmmm, strange, they must’ve ran off,” Jeffrey thinks, not daring to say it out loud.

Jeffrey continues walking into the somewhat narrow area of grass that is his backyard. Teddy stays behind the garage. Although, there is another right turn approaching around the rest of the garage building, which corners off against the rest of the house

“They must be in this corner,” Jeffrey thinks.

Jeffrey slowly inches towards the turn and rips around as fast as he can, ready to slay whoever is there.

No one is there. Jeffrey is relieved and his tense body posture relaxes. A faint mumbling is heard on the garage roof right above Jeffrey’s head. Teddy growls viciously at the noise. Jeffrey’s calm is short lived as his, heart is now beating a million miles an hour.

“Your dog’s head will be mine soon enough,” a gravely deep sinister voice says.

This dark human like figure begins to float into the air, seemingly attached to a massive herd of balloons. The figure is gaining height and will be at the height of the trees in a matter of a minute. They’re drifting further away from the house, towards the street. Jeffrey decides he’s going to shoot this sick lunatic out of the sky with his rifle; he books it to the front of the garage, swings the barn yard garage doors open, jumps in and reaches for the rifle hanging on the wall. He checks the chambers, it’s loaded and the safety is off. He rushes outside and points it up in the air at this figure floating away.

Jeffrey lets off a few rounds that ring out in the sky. He misses the cluster of balloon. The figure is higher in the air than the tops of the huge green pine trees; drifting above the parking lot of the church across the street. Jeffrey squeezes the trigger again. He hears the popping sound of a balloon and is encouraged. After busting off 10 more rounds all the balloons explode and this figure plummets to the pavement of the lot. Jeffrey drops the gun on the ground.


“Teddy come,” Jeffrey yells.


Teddy runs over and they both race over to the church. After 10 seconds of adrenaline pumping running, he reaches the figure lying on the hard pavement. His heavy hard breathing begins to ease up as he slows to a walk.


Teddy steps over to the figure, looks at it, and barks.


Jeffrey cautiously approaches the figure, and bends down to get a better look. He lifts up the hood of the cloak and there is no body underneath. Jeffrey is taken aback and shocked that this thing is gone.

“Damn it all to hell,” Jeffrey groans.

Teddy looks at Jeffrey with a derp dog grin.


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