Is it unconditional love or…..?


So, you’re a self-proclaimed Mother Teresa type, always offering love and support to those who need it. You’ll even let someone open the door to your delicate vase cabinet.

Suddenly your cousin, nephew, friend, let’s call him Lenny, calls you to share some bad news: they were kicked out of his mother’s home because they were doing drugs, and have no where else to turn. He also got fired from his last job as a waiter for doing drugs on the job. You sense their need for help- and since you feel like Mother Teresa and the ASPCA combined into one entity- you take in this stray individual. read more


Looking at the Zoo of Humanity from the outside.

Everyone in the world is biased, some more so than others. If a person decides to talk poorly about one of your family members (Jimbob) whom you love and are loyal to- you’re going to defend them; regardless of the rightness or wrongness of their actions- Jimbob might’ve stole someone’s money or pushed a grandma into a puddle of mud. You’d rather share some rather strong words with Jimbob’s attacker, or maybe a knuckle sandwich.

Then there are those who feel a sort of partial detachment from strong emotions, the world, bias. They acknowledge their own bias, though can see beyond it. You wear a green shirt, on team green shirt- but don’t demonize others on different teams. read more

Delicious Treats & Desserts

Dalcourt’s Desserts, a gourmet pudding business created by Justin Dalcourt- is buzzing in Northern New Jersey. Miss Vermont was sponsored by Dalcourt’s Desserts in 2016. The business was originally created in Sparta, NJ for a college project during Justin’s year. After a stint selling desserts at the Hope Christmas Market in 2015, Justin decided to grow the business. He watered his business plant and watched it bloom into a lovely gainful business.

“Can you tell me some examples of your desserts,” I asked. read more