Looking at the Zoo of Humanity from the outside.

Everyone in the world is biased, some more so than others. If a person decides to talk poorly about one of your family members (Jimbob) whom you love and are loyal to- you’re going to defend them; regardless of the rightness or wrongness of their actions- Jimbob might’ve stole someone’s money or pushed a grandma into a puddle of mud. You’d rather share some rather strong words with Jimbob’s attacker, or maybe a knuckle sandwich.

Then there are those who feel a sort of partial detachment from strong emotions, the world, bias. They acknowledge their own bias, though can see beyond it. You wear a green shirt, on team green shirt- but don’t demonize others on different teams.

From this outside perspective, one can avoid becoming gorilla glued (wow, free advertising) to their own bias. Your favorite politician (why would you do that to yourself), could be robbing people blind, lying, misrepresenting themselves- and your first reaction would be to defend accusations against them. What if these allegations were true though- would it be possible to take off  your rose colored glasses that are gorilla glued on (pay me for free advertising), and endure the painful truth?

If we can endure the painful truth, we can come to a more balanced perspective and possibly save ourselves from further hurt and pain by- acting on this truth for our own betterment.

However, human beings are really just a bunch of exceptionally intelligent wild animals. They don’t always value the truth above all else. Emotions tend to be a stronger motivator. We’re really like a pack of dogs running around on two legs, looking for food/shelter/water, and politely sniffing each other. If accepting the truth hurts too much, pokes holes through a loved one or someone we’re loyal to, or even worse- threatens our chance of survival- we’re probably not going to tear off that band aid.


Written by dankwritingblog

Daniel Klein is a 26 year old, New Jersey based writer/comedian. He spent all 26 years of his life living in New Jersey. He's a laid back, funny, kind, open minded, and swell guy who makes you think about subjects in a truthful and humorous way, while feeling good. He loves the chance for entertaining, sharing, teaching and establishing positive relationships with his viewers!

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