President Trump invites millennial to a meeting at White House. What was said, WILL SHOCK YOU!!

On Sept. 15, 2017, President Donald Trump cordially put out his -gigantic baseball mitt POTUS hands- to invite a 21-year-old millennial, Prete Tenshus, to a Sept. 16, 2017 meeting at the White House. President Trump was willing to pay for ALL travel expenses. Trump planned to discuss millennials in general, their abilities to spur positive change, and their projected continued impact on the nation in the coming years. In an unprecedented turn of events, Tenshus had this to say in response to President Trump’s invitation, “Nobody got time for that.”

In a shocking turn of events, Tenshus told reporters that, “I have better things to do,” and, in an outraged tone, “Why would I meet with Donald Trump, doesn’t he know who I am?” Although, reporters weren’t able to figure out EXACTLY what Tenshus had planned to do.

On September 16, 2017, President Trump tweeted:

“Prete Tenshus, worst guy, has no time for me :(”

Reporters followed up with Tenshus on September 16, 2017, in an attempt to figure out what he was doing; however, in a haughty tone Tenshus told reporters, “Don’t worry about it.”

At 10:30 p.m., Tenshus broke the silence on Facebook:

“As you all know, I didn’t attend the meeting with President Trump at the White House. I had a much more vital plans to follow up on at home. I continued my bull strength efforts to leech on my parents, whom I live with- until their 401K is entirely depleted.”

After reading the Facebook post, President Trump tweeted:

“I have way less time for me than these millennials.”


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Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only and definitely not true.


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