Contemplative Leaf Raking


As Fall is upon us now, one thing is for certain- the leaves are changing color and falling. I happen to live- in the middle of nowhere- in the sticks. There are plenty of leaves here if you want some.

I was out in my front yard diligently raking the crispy dry red, yellow, and orange leaves into small piles; creating 1 pile, then 2 piles, then 3, then 4, and combining them all together. Then a metaphor popped into my mind: you build your life and accumulate success (in whatever form you please: materially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally), gradually, until you have a bigger and bigger pile. Unless you’re the luckiest person alive, and win the lottery, catch a windfall, sign a contract with satan, or randomly get cast into a million dollar movie role. A lot of the time, you accumulate different successes from different leaf piles aka sources. For example, your job as an accountant earns you a large enough salary to make a living, but doesn’t fulfill you; you perform stand-up comedy for a tiny pay, yet it leaves you deeply fulfilled.

So, you can earn a living through one job, feel satisfied and earn additional money through pursuing a separate hobby or passion, and feel fulfilled through participating in a humanitarian bent effort.

At the base of this is- what do you consider success, what makes you feel fulfilled….because it’s different for everyone, and no one rule applies to all- we all need to make a living though. It truly enlightens you when you stop and think about what you NEED, WANT, DESIRE, in order to feel prideful about your life- like you’re living a life of fulfillment, joy and are ecstatic about it.

You can make a checklist of everything you wish to attain. Then everything comes full circle, and hopefully you can attain everything you NEED, WANT, DESIRE, without the unpredictability and harshness of reality stopping you!

Ironically, just like leaves- we all disintegrate and turn into dirt eventually.



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