Adventureous and fun Australian resident, living on a Work Visa: Nathalie Duran



Nathalie Duran- Jersey girl, living in Sydney. For a few years, I knew I was going to graduate Uni, but as time came closer, future became blurrier. I didn’t really want to stay in Jersey to have the regular life. Now what will I do?

Now I am in Australia, working as a bartender in Sydney, with friends from all parts of the world and all different ages! Sounds like it escalated real quick ay? When I first got here, I spent about 2 months in Sydney, then had an impulse to go to Brisbane, followed by another impulse to stay there. I wonder when of my next impulse will be! I have plans to go to Thailand and New Zealand within the next several months, and possibly London in December!

The funny thing is I’ve met more English mates than Australian mates here so far haha! That is because I learned that England basically still owns Au! The queen this and the Queen that! I am not used to the Queen. We kinda stopped that in 1776 lol.

There is a big lie that I was taught, and believed. That is that a person must have a lot of money to travel or be rich. BULLSHIT! People that are almost broke travel more than anyone! The secret is simple. Buying the plane ticket, going to that country, staying in a cheap hostel and finding a job to save up and travel more. You can even work in the hostel for free accommodation.

My experience was kinda different because I have plenty of family in Sydney, so I can visit them, and if I had an emergency, I can go to them real quick. The thing is, I am perfectly independent, and don’t need anything. I believe it is not good to take the easy way out, just because one knows they have family that are willing to help them. This is why I ask for nothing, and will continue this whole trip on my own account. 100%.

I am only about 4 months in, back in Sydney. On Monday, I have an interview in Silverwater NSW, with a pharmaceutical and nutrition company- I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science from Montclair State University in New Jersey- and my dream is to work there, and be sponsored by them which means me becoming an Australian permanent resident.


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