Branding, Marketing, and Social Media for Bosses: Interview with Lisabella Mansillo


Currently involved with Mumpreneur 2017 Summit, Lisabella Mansillo is a entrepreneur business owner and “mum”. Lisabella’s self-titled business Lisabella Mansillo: The Six Figure Lab is designed in order to assist entrepreneurs to create a successful business and all that entails; using the the three keys to a successful business- impact, influence, income.

After working in a corporate organization, Lisabella felt restless and decided to create her own part time business! Soon enough, after investing the hard work- her business grew.

“After doing this for a few months I knew that this is really what I wanted to do and focused on getting my business to a stage where I could work in it full time and give up my job,” Lisabella said.

Apparently, if you invest the time, effort and focus into creating what you want- it will manifest!

“What services does Lisabella Mansillo offer,” I asked.
“I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking at
either starting their own business or wanting to grow their business.  I
focus on branding and marketing,” Lisabella said.

Lisabella Mansillo focuses on both helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses
through engagement and personal touch.

“Marketing hype now is all about automation, making quick money through funnels etc.,” Lisabella says.”

While she believes in automation and sales funnels, she feel it is very important not to loose the human connection in your business, and is focused on helping my clients build strong relationships with their clients.

“What’s your favorite aspect of your business,” I asked.

“I love that I can work with who I want, and get so excited when I see my
clients who were struggling start to build successful businesses,” Lisabella excitedly told me.

Lisabella Mansillo works largely with newbie entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs who
have treated their business as a hobby and are now ready to take it
seriously. In practice, she acts as an instructor on the springboard to success for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Her competency lies within: proper branding; traffic funneling; using social media to build your business; and the hows and whys of successful businesses.


Even as a 20 something year old, Lisabella always wanted to have her own business! Her father- fellow entrepreneur- instilled within Lisabella and her sisters the mindset: “Never rely on a job to see you through, go out and grow your own empires! Lisabella and her two sisters both settled for a corporate career, at first; though Lisabella sprung out from corporate to begin her own business career- Lisabella Mansillo: The Six Figure Lab.

“Daniel, I am a bit of a gypsy,” Lisabella told me, “I was born in Swaziland, went to school in South Africa, spent 8 years in London and now call Australia home.”
Lisabella’s passions in life include: her love of traveling; living in Australia because it allows her to spend her weekends camping, hanging out on the beach, and hiking with her family.

What do you want out of life for the future of yourself and your business?
I love the freedom my business allows me.  I am hoping to travel more
now that my daughter is a bit older and working for myself will allow me
the freedom to do so.  I love working one on one with my clients which I
will continue, but am looking at introducing Marketing Masterminds with
small groups of entrepreneurs next year as well.


You can seek the professional mentoring and assistance at:


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