Net Neutrality: Should the internet be FREE?!

Penny-Nickel-Dime-Quarter-Presidents-on-US-Coins-56d8e0373df78c5ba023fdd2It’s 12/31/2017 and surprisingly- even my own sanity is free at this point. I thought I had to go to a therapist or shovel pills down my throat every morning to do that. On the contrary in the age of 2017, a lot of stuff is free. Apparently net neutrality got killed in a hailstorm of Trumping this year. What is the issue with free stuff though?

I can hear the shrieking and shrills of new age neo- liberal millennials as clear as day after the revealing of net neutrality being terminated; which sounded something like, “You…….you’re taking my FREE STUFF.” read more




My dog, Teddy, and I went on a brisk walk through the freezing cold. We walked down Berkshire Valley Road- an incredibly busy main road that runs through most of my town in Jefferson. Cars were flying past us throughout the entire walk. The people looked at my dog and I- women often find my dog as cute (maybe they find me cute as well).

Anyhow, we turned onto Cozy Lake Road- a 3 mile road that runs past a small lake called Cozy Lake. Teddy approached the shore of the lake and stared into the lake- probably looking for potential prey- or maybe fancying himself in the lake’s reflection. Teddy decided to enter the Cozy Lake community and I allowed it to happen- I’m a dictator. We walked up a steep hill; slowly we climbed the hill, mine and Teddy’s breath getting more heavy and intense. Of course Teddy stopped to smell the pee stained snow at every chance he could get. read more

The Struggles of Unemployment


So you wake up in the morning, take a glance in the mirror, and realize- you look exactly like this realistic statue. You’re a filthy slob, sleep walking through your hallway that oddly smells like your grandparents’ house. The worst realization of ALL hits you:

You can’t find a suitable job and are unemployed.

I know the struggles of unemployment. You feel like you’re living as a nomad in a dog-eat-dog world where no one is cutting you any slack and you hit one brick wall after another. The solution comes when you ask yourself one simple question: read more