The Struggles of Unemployment


So you wake up in the morning, take a glance in the mirror, and realize- you look exactly like this realistic statue. You’re a filthy slob, sleep walking through your hallway that oddly smells like your grandparents’ house. The worst realization of ALL hits you:

You can’t find a suitable job and are unemployed.

I know the struggles of unemployment. You feel like you’re living as a nomad in a dog-eat-dog world where no one is cutting you any slack and you hit one brick wall after another. The solution comes when you ask yourself one simple question:

Why am I unemployed?

You have your BA in Lesbian Dance Theory from Far Away Land University and can’t seem to find a job. What’s the issue?

Possible reasons why you’re unemployed

  1. There is a very limited market for your ideal profession.
  2. You have minimal professional experience related to your major/expertise.
  3. Your area.

1. Unfortunately this is a common problem that happens when you pursue a career you love- but don’t research to check if there is a market for this job. Maybe you can evoke your inner entrepreneurial spirit and create your own job.

2. This one is a bummer. If you don’t do any internships or gain professional experience related to your desired profession in college- you’re screwed- well just partly screwed. To get a solid job right out of the gate of college, you should aim to have 2 years internship experience in your major; otherwise it’s like you’re at a shooting range with an unloaded gun- useless. However, there is hope… can wiggle into an entry level position to rack up some experience and money for the next job on the job staircase.

3. Say you live in Utah and find out there are no jobs for a foot massage therapist. Well, either ship up and ship out to an area where there is a greater need for your expertise. And if you don’t have the funds to pursue a job in a different area; you’ll have to settle for a different job until you can afford to move.

I hope this article addressed some of your unemployment issues- and shed light and hope on you- by offering realistic suggestions that can help you in your pursuit of a job.


PS: I’m unemployed…….and cry myself to sleep every night. I have a cup for my tears.

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