Net Neutrality: Should the internet be FREE?!

Penny-Nickel-Dime-Quarter-Presidents-on-US-Coins-56d8e0373df78c5ba023fdd2It’s 12/31/2017 and surprisingly- even my own sanity is free at this point. I thought I had to go to a therapist or shovel pills down my throat every morning to do that. On the contrary in the age of 2017, a lot of stuff is free. Apparently net neutrality got killed in a hailstorm of Trumping this year. What is the issue with free stuff though?

I can hear the shrieking and shrills of new age neo- liberal millennials as clear as day after the revealing of net neutrality being terminated; which sounded something like, “You…….you’re taking my FREE STUFF.”

A business is an entity that makes money for itself by providing some kind of service, product, trade. How in God’s name is a business supposed to thrive- let alone exist- if the business is just giving everything away for free. Since you know the internet is all about sharing and caring like the real world…..*cough no cough*.

Instead of net neutrality why not “net positive”? Is it really so horrible to spend a little extra money on different features that used to be free. It’d certainly allow certain businesses more chance to make money, such as music. How much money do you think has been robbed from the music industry by people pirating all of the music they listen to- in the billions at least? What if people paid 50 cents- even a quarter- for every song they downloaded: that’s $40 mill being put back into the music industry and it’s partnership businesses.

I know people say that millennials feel entitled to everything for free as a mocking stereotype, but the responses that I hear to the alleged “taking of my free stuff” seems to confirm this viewpoint. I think people need to be reminded once more that money rules the world, and most of the stuff you invest money into- it’s because you “value” it. If people valued certain FREE aspects of the internet so much- they wouldn’t have an issue with tossing a little coin into the internet toll booth.


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