The Joys of Unemployment

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It seems like an oxymoron: the joys of unemployment; but, there are certainly joys. If you’re unemployed, without a college degree or certification you’re in a great position. You can take a look at all of the opportunities that are in front of you. This will allow you to reevaluate your career interests and passions; and also applied to those who were employed, but recently got laid off from their job. Maybe your current career choice doesn’t hold the same zest and appeal that it once did.

If you have the time, resources and energy you can invest in a different career path; assuming your not a parent with bills that are so overwhelming that you can’t afford to NOT work at the present moment. Or you could even continue to work your current job and spend energy towards a new career path in your spare time- such as the weekend.

Sit down, relax (however you relax best), and grab a pen and paper. Take a few minutes to create a list of your favorite activities/hobbies that could be possible career paths. So you like to play in your garden, immerse your hands in the dirt and plant seasonal tomatoes? You can attend classes to become a professional gardener.

After you have a list of different career paths that interest you- circle the ones that are your absolute favorites. Ponder over whether you’d seriously like to pursue these new and exciting career paths. If your gut feeling says yes- then go for it! If you initially feel a YES, but start to doubt it and come up with half baked excuses- then go for it still!

It’s invaluable to remember as a human being on Earth- you’re a free agent! You have the power to choose anything you want to do, become, learn, eat, visit. You want to enjoy a delicious hot pork gyro on the streets of Athens- then go for it! You can do anything you want- obviously within the boundaries of the law, you lunatic- so don’t rob a bank.


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