Political Correctness is the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread.


Everything written in this article is entirely my opinion and I hold no responsibility for how it may impact your life.

Everyone is aware of this new culture of “political correctness” and how people are expected to abide by it- even if they aren’t aware of the rules of it. PC culture has infested the USA and has turned once outspoken people into mutes, for fear of being-shunned- by society at large for speaking out.

I believe that a large factor that makes up political correctness is a concept I like to called PC: Phoniness Continued. Now if I’m dealing with a sane person, they would agree that everyone has different opinions, beliefs, values and sometimes these personal things will clash with others’ opinions, beliefs, and values. Not everyone can love everyone- you’re not Mother Teresa- and personally I think Mother Teresa was stretching it. read more


Poem: Rain


There’s something about rain that calms him.

Some say it’s dreary, but he finds beauty in it.

It stirs his emotions and puts him in touch with himself.

Introversion of feeling calms and brings inner peace.

Life is tough, but the still moments are serene.

Everything seems to be worth it in this reflective state of learning.

The trials and tribulations aren’t gone.

Instead they are handled in a way where they are subsumed.

Pondering the mystery of life brings one closer to personal truth and meaning. read more