Poem: Rain


There’s something about rain that calms him.

Some say it’s dreary, but he finds beauty in it.

It stirs his emotions and puts him in touch with himself.

Introversion of feeling calms and brings inner peace.

Life is tough, but the still moments are serene.

Everything seems to be worth it in this reflective state of learning.

The trials and tribulations aren’t gone.

Instead they are handled in a way where they are subsumed.

Pondering the mystery of life brings one closer to personal truth and meaning.

Yet it is so far away, your passion brings fulfillment.

Everyone questions what happens when you die.

Like the reflection in a puddle,

Rain can cause serene moments of reflection and self-realization.

Look at yourself and you will find yourself.


Written by dankwritingblog

Daniel Klein is a 26 year old, New Jersey based writer/comedian. He spent all 26 years of his life living in New Jersey. He's a laid back, funny, kind, open minded, and swell guy who makes you think about subjects in a truthful and humorous way, while feeling good. He loves the chance for entertaining, sharing, teaching and establishing positive relationships with his viewers!

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