Political Correctness is the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread.


Everything written in this article is entirely my opinion and I hold no responsibility for how it may impact your life.

Everyone is aware of this new culture of “political correctness” and how people are expected to abide by it- even if they aren’t aware of the rules of it. PC culture has infested the USA and has turned once outspoken people into mutes, for fear of being-shunned- by society at large for speaking out.

I believe that a large factor that makes up political correctness is a concept I like to called PC: Phoniness Continued. Now if I’m dealing with a sane person, they would agree that everyone has different opinions, beliefs, values and sometimes these personal things will clash with others’ opinions, beliefs, and values. Not everyone can love everyone- you’re not Mother Teresa- and personally I think Mother Teresa was stretching it.

I think there is an underlying value that PC pushers have- phony all accepting compassion. For example: someone could talk so much trash about you, it could fill up an entire garbage disposal, and you are expected to not respond with something along the lines with, “Wow, I hate you- and what you eat for breakfast”. I mean, talk about PC being a way to perpetuate abuse and ignorance.

Another real life example of this bizarre “on the hush” PC nonsense is a story about some old acquaintances of mine. These people got clean from drugs & alcohol- vehemently preach about how grateful they are to be sober; how dangerous and destructive drugs & alcohol can be; some even standing on their soap box- almost suffocating because it’s so high up in the air- preaching about how they are disgusted with all the low life people they know and are friends with. Then in the next breath, they are taking steroids and living at the gym- what happened to the dangers of drugs? I decide to make a joke about the hypocrisy of the NA & AA programs- guess what happens? The culprits have a field day with concocting their lies about how I’m terrible and throw political correctness at me because I’m not a holder of their NA & AA values- mainly that, it’s an all-accepting program, showering sympathy on everyone, and I’m being an ignorant bigot or something…..aka you’re not endorsing and co-signing our behavior, so you’re wrong.

To sum this message up in one anecdote: Have you ever made a joke to someone (probly a liar) that was so true and hits so close to home- that they don’t laugh at all and hate the joke; mainly because you’re not acting like you’re in la-la-land and cosigning their nonsensical childish lies. (I can hear the liars and schmucks in the background thinking, ‘what is this guy even talking about?’)

I’m a big supporter of spiritual values, philosophies, and ways of life. I have a “live and let live” “do your own thing and I’ll do mine” view- but I certainly don’t perpetuate phoniness.

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