How to become more Attractive!

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The people who often wonder how they become more attractive are: down on their luck; desperate and confused; hopeless. While all the attractive people are dancing among them- they are the ugly duckling whose pouting in the corner. In their own minds they’ve created a self-defeating attitude by actually believing they aren’t attractive; or they simply aren’t being and doing things that make up an attractive person. Below are a few helpful tips for becoming more attractive!

Physical Exercise: It’s no secret that people who work out morph their bodies into those of Greek Gods. By exercising you release endorphins in your brain that make you feel good, ya know. Not only do you feel better, your body image will vastly improve as you look better as well. It’s a simple win-win game plan. So, grab yourself by the pants and hoist yourself into some kind of exercise routine.

Believe in yourself: Have you ever been led astray by a slick talking con-artist? In retrospect, how in God’s name could you have fallen for such a nonsensical ploy? The con-artist effectively conned you by gaining your confidence, following me right- simple enough. They seemed to have the utmost confidence in what they were saying because they believed in their scams. Now, you don’t have to sell snake-oil to unsuspecting old people, but you should definitely believe in yourself. Aren’t people who have a strong faith in themselves attractive?

Surround yourself with role models: Who do you respect? Who would you like to be more like? Become these people by surrounding yourself with them! If they don’t want to befriend you, don’t worry there are billions of people out there; if all else fails, just model yourself after them from the dark corners of your bedroom. A wise person once said, “Those who are truly wise learn from the mistakes of others as well as their successes.” Learn what these role models do incredibly good. You’ll notice that a lot of these successful people share similar traits, strategies and approaches. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel by being a unique snowflake- because most likely, you’re doing what millions have done before you and is nothing new.

Pick up a hobby: Hobbies are a great way to spend your time. They give you a chance to relax, thrill seek, entertain yourself, etc… In other words, they are ways to make yourself happy and gain satisfaction. Apart from work, I think it’s universal to say everyone is trying to be as fulfilled as they can in life. Life isn’t strictly about work- nourish yourself with whatever you consider to be FUN!

Stop clawing at lost loves: Yes, I know you can’t stop thinking about that lost love interest; will they ever return to your life, aren’t you two meant to be? STOP….and jump way back- like an entire football field back. There is nothing more sad and pathetic than a person who strictly dwells on the past instead of moving forward or better yet- learning from the past and moving forward. Open your mind, body and soul to new dating prospects. Dating is ultimately a numbers game and without a doubt having a love is better than pining over the unattainable. How pathetic is it when someone talks to you about their crush- who denied them- and you can’t shake the feeling they are so desperately pawing at their crush’s doorstep (figuratively lol!) You begin to care, when you don’t care!

I hope you enjoyed my article about a few helpful tips on becoming a more attractive person! Please share your comments and opinions! Bookmark my page and follow for more articles!

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