My interesting experience at the “Poppy: Am I A Girl” concert.

On February 2nd 2019, I went to the “Poppy: Am I A Girl” concert at Irving Plaza in New York City. In all honesty, I’m surprised I went to this concert because this type of music is in stark contrast to the hip-hop/post hardcore/alternative music I’ve been listening to for the past decade. I feel more musically cultured when I vary my music playlist. My interest in Poppy began when I first stumbled upon her bizarre YouTube videos; whether it be holding elevator conversations with manikins or hanging out with a basil plant.
My brother, Peter, and I got to the outside of the venue around 6:50 pm. While waiting in the line, the unique and weird “Poppy vibe” was visceral throughout the lines. I could sense a lot of good will coming from this eclectic group of fans. So, brotha man and I get into the venue. We split a bag of 250mg FlavRx THC gummies prior to arriving- admittedly I was ripped out of my mind at this point. Brotha man is not only ripped, he’s reasonably drunk already on a few shots of fireball, and decides to hit up the bar for another chaotic concoction. So, at this point, I’m playing part time baby sitter for brotha man- who is leaning with it, and rocking with it, hard.
The opener, who I wasn’t enthused with, so not enthused that I don’t remember the band name, quickly rips through their one song. 7:25 pm rolls around, Poppy still hasn’t taken place on the stage to bust it. At this point, I’m looking at the projector screen on stage; reading concert info for artists I’ve never heard of. Suddenly, I get the unmistakable feeling that somebody is looking at me. I scan the room and take quick notice of a woman, about 70 feet to the right of me, who is hawking me down. Now, this woman was the spitting image of Poppy; so much so, she could’ve been a paid Poppy lookalike, for all I know. We’re locked in this soul level staredown for about 30 secs while I’m like, “Who the hell is that?” If, on the off chance, this lookalike was actually Poppy, I was impressed by how stealthy and invisible this girl could become. Obviously, she would’ve gotten mobbed to death if anyone noticed. I couldn’t really make out her clothing or anything, as she was meshed together with other folks, and I was pretty ripped still. However, I wanted to walk over to this lookalike to make sure, it was indeed, a lookalike and I wasn’t hallucinating. Instead, I look over at a plastered brotha man who is swaying and dancing around, hunched over- looking like a shaman in a trance; I’m like this may not turn out too good here, and my baby sitter meter is now at a “danger” level.
Next thing you know, the platinum blonde, uniquely eccentric, with a lovely voice, appears on stage. She is accompanied by her guitarist and drummer, both wearing shoulder length platinum blonde wigs- and makeup reminiscent of clowns; I did, indeed, attend the concert for the comedy, partly. Suddenly, this 5’2″ brunette and her 5’2″ brunette friend come barreling towards me. I couldn’t make out their faces because it was dark and they were somewhat looking down. The woman says, “The human sex is this way. Forget this Poppy shit,” then proceeds to rub her ass all over my arm. At this point, I was more interested in the concert than the backroom bathroom debauchery sideshow- I took no mind.


I glance back over to my right, searching for the Poppy lookalike like Where’s Waldo- and she’s no where to be found.  Who was this mystery woman?


The concert turned out to be a fantastic performance. She’s great live! I couldn’t help but to be caught up in the rhythm of electronic sounds and catchy poppy tunes. The chemistry of the performers was evident, as they seemed to really get along with each other on stage. I always found a laugh during this concert, mainly because of the Poppy schticks: she unabashedly mocks the life of pop singers; she sounds robotic; the lyrics are ironic; her seemingly perfect, sterile and clinical persona contrasts the sometimes chaotic lyrics, such as in the song “Play Destroy” where she takes joy in throwing matches in gas tanks. Poppy is quite the weird joker and it amuses me. I’d recommend seeing Poppy live if you are into an artist whose unique, offbeat, with a great voice, whose character, in a way, is just an irreverent mockery of Hollywood.



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