The Joys of Unemployment

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It seems like an oxymoron: the joys of unemployment; but, there are certainly joys. If you’re unemployed, without a college degree or certification you’re in a great position. You can take a look at all of the opportunities that are in front of you. This will allow you to reevaluate your career interests and passions; and also applied to those who were employed, but recently got laid off from their job. Maybe your current career choice doesn’t hold the same zest and appeal that it once did. read more


The Struggles of Unemployment


So you wake up in the morning, take a glance in the mirror, and realize- you look exactly like this realistic statue. You’re a filthy slob, sleep walking through your hallway that oddly smells like your grandparents’ house. The worst realization of ALL hits you:

You can’t find a suitable job and are unemployed.

I know the struggles of unemployment. You feel like you’re living as a nomad in a dog-eat-dog world where no one is cutting you any slack and you hit one brick wall after another. The solution comes when you ask yourself one simple question: read more

Is it unconditional love or…..?


So, you’re a self-proclaimed Mother Teresa type, always offering love and support to those who need it. You’ll even let someone open the door to your delicate vase cabinet.

Suddenly your cousin, nephew, friend, let’s call him Lenny, calls you to share some bad news: they were kicked out of his mother’s home because they were doing drugs, and have no where else to turn. He also got fired from his last job as a waiter for doing drugs on the job. You sense their need for help- and since you feel like Mother Teresa and the ASPCA combined into one entity- you take in this stray individual. read more