Political Correctness is the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread.


Everything written in this article is entirely my opinion and I hold no responsibility for how it may impact your life.

Everyone is aware of this new culture of “political correctness” and how people are expected to abide by it- even if they aren’t aware of the rules of it. PC culture has infested the USA and has turned once outspoken people into mutes, for fear of being-shunned- by society at large for speaking out.

I believe that a large factor that makes up political correctness is a concept I like to called PC: Phoniness Continued. Now if I’m dealing with a sane person, they would agree that everyone has different opinions, beliefs, values and sometimes these personal things will clash with others’ opinions, beliefs, and values. Not everyone can love everyone- you’re not Mother Teresa- and personally I think Mother Teresa was stretching it. read more


Why Politics Are Fun and Suck

First off, politics are a ton of fun. They give people a chance to assert their values into the political process by voting, or by working for the government, congress, state, senate. When have you had a political conversation with a group of people produce a positive outcome? What was that….never you say? Well, I have a theory why political discussions almost always derail into something reminiscent of a bully harassing people on the playground.

I used to believe that politics were a science that was cut and dry, approached with logic and reason; and I was sadly mistaken. The way legislature is written tends to be matter of fact and logical, so that it’s understandable and acceptable. However, the motivation behind political writing and decisions is based on logic, and more prominently feelings, no matter what party one affiliates with. People in general feel a certain way about a topic, and no amount of logic, reasons, and facts will sway them to change their feeling. This is pretty obvious, after you challenge a person’s feelings and beliefs with facts, and are met with the most disparaging talking to you’ll ever receive. It seems like something about politics degrades people into unruly 5-year-olds who harass each other and would rather die than cooperate by discussing the actual political topic. Luckily, Walmart has red tag sales on diapers. read more

Global Warming Is a NASA manipulated hoax, according to Australian Senator -Malcolm Roberts

Is global warming actually the Earth warning us humans as a species? Obviously the Earth can’t speak English, but it can communicate in it’s own Earthy way:

The temperatures slowly climb over the years–translation–“Um, yeah, humans, you are polluting me and if this continues, eventually I will become one big microwave,” said the Earth.

Recently a video was posted in which an official worker in the Aussie Senate, Malcolm Roberts, denied that a scientist’s data showing a rise in temperature levels is true. In fact he said, The data isn’t true, and was manipulated by NASA. read more