Dating Advice

Just be aware that I have minimal dating experience. Most of what I know, I know intuitively.

So you’re new to the dating scene or consider yourself to be a little clueless about dating. Well, here I am with my self-proclaimed dating advice; all my advice is based on my experience or experiences others have had, not theory. Below are a few scenarios that frequently pop up during dating, but often leave people a little confused. Often in retrospect the clarity of the situation seems obvious.

I have his/her number, now where do I go from here? read more


What About Donald Trump?

It is clear that Donald Trump is dominating the GOP’s contest to become the presidential candidate representing the GOP. Trump is posed to have a solid chance at becoming president. He talks a lot about building a wall to block out Mexicans from illegally entering the United States. Trump has also been shown to lie; he said that Middle Eastern people were celebrating around the streets of New Jersey, which was proven false because there is no evidence that supports that happening.

Trump could cause a stir within the country, spurring different courses of action could directly oppose the ideas and policies that Democrats wants to enforce. read more