I have become what used to annoy me.

You know how when you go into the mall and the sales people will nag you to sign up for some program or buy a product? Yeah, it annoys me too whenever I go to the mall. Well, ironically I have started a job doing direct sales. It’s the summer and I need a job, so I can buy a car and pay my bills; if I don’t have a car by September, I won’t be able to attend classes at college. It’s my second to last semester before I get my Bachelors Degree, and I want to get it over with; I’m 24, and most people get their degree by age 22. Although, all that matters is that I get my degree, even if the time frame is not what I hoped for. read more


Poem: What Is Life?

A Change of State

I am alive for now.

Allowing life in it’s entirety to be experienced. Happenings flowing through my consciousness; But not latching on and becoming attached to one.

Excluding no parts of the whole.

Positive and negative; black and white; it is all assimilated.

But what is the point to being alive.

The reason behind the every breath that enters my lungs.

Is the only purpose of life to survive and feeling my existence is hollow?

Or is emptiness an impermanent state to be filled with meaning.

Then being drained of that  critical life meaning, possibly due to it’s irrelevance.

Shifting from fulfillment to emptiness; inevitably to change once more. read more

Dating Advice

Just be aware that I have minimal dating experience. Most of what I know, I know intuitively.

So you’re new to the dating scene or consider yourself to be a little clueless about dating. Well, here I am with my self-proclaimed dating advice; all my advice is based on my experience or experiences others have had, not theory. Below are a few scenarios that frequently pop up during dating, but often leave people a little confused. Often in retrospect the clarity of the situation seems obvious.

I have his/her number, now where do I go from here? read more