Current General Political Climate

Donald Trump is leading the GOP nomination and Hillary Clinton is leading the Democratic nomination. Although Bernie Sanders is within reaching distance of Hillary Clinton in the polls. On July 25,…

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What About Donald Trump?

It is clear that Donald Trump is dominating the GOP’s contest to become the presidential candidate representing the GOP. Trump is posed to have a solid chance at becoming president. He talks a lot about building a wall to block out Mexicans from illegally entering the United States. Trump has also been shown to lie; he said that Middle Eastern people were celebrating around the streets of New Jersey, which was proven false because there is no evidence that supports that happening.

Trump could cause a stir within the country, spurring different courses of action could directly oppose the ideas and policies that Democrats wants to enforce. read more

The Dog That Never Stops Eating

My dog’s name is Theodore Roosevelt Klein, aka Teddy. He is a white, brown, and black Jack Russel and Beagle mix. He is very lazy and relaxed most of the time, and the other half of the time he is a hyper beast running around outside. He loves to go on walks, and gets excited as soon as he hears someone say the word “walk”. He’s a pretty smart dog, although we never trained him thoroughly, so he doesn’t know any commands besides “sit” and “down”. read more