Contemplative Leaf Raking


As Fall is upon us now, one thing is for certain- the leaves are changing color and falling. I happen to live- in the middle of nowhere- in the sticks. There are plenty of leaves here if you want some.

I was out in my front yard diligently raking the crispy dry red, yellow, and orange leaves into small piles; creating 1 pile, then 2 piles, then 3, then 4, and combining them all together. Then a metaphor popped into my mind: you build your life and accumulate success (in whatever form you please: materially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally), gradually, until you have a bigger and bigger pile. Unless you’re the luckiest person alive, and win the lottery, catch a windfall, sign a contract with satan, or randomly get cast into a million dollar movie role. A lot of the time, you accumulate different successes from different leaf piles aka sources. For example, your job as an accountant earns you a large enough salary to make a living, but doesn’t fulfill you; you perform stand-up comedy for a tiny pay, yet it leaves you deeply fulfilled. read more




Dear Holy God Praising People,

Take a deep breath with me…..inhale 1…2…3… (hold) 1….2….3….. exhale 1…2…3.

September 23rd, 2017 has come and gone- the world didn’t end. Armageddon didn’t come! Whoever came up with that prophecy is a complete liar.┬áLuckily, I’m here to tell you the Sept. 23rd, 2017 ending of the world was a farce and whoever made this claim, mixed up the date with the true date of Armaggedon- Oct. 1, 2017. I’m so distraught to inform you of this, tears are streaming down my face and onto my shirt. read more

President Trump invites millennial to a meeting at White House. What was said, WILL SHOCK YOU!!

On Sept. 15, 2017, President Donald Trump cordially put out his -gigantic baseball mitt POTUS hands- to invite a 21-year-old millennial, Prete Tenshus, to a Sept. 16, 2017 meeting at the White House. President Trump was willing to pay for ALL travel expenses. Trump planned to discuss millennials in general, their abilities to spur positive change, and their projected continued impact on the nation in the coming years. In an unprecedented turn of events, Tenshus had this to say in response to President Trump’s invitation, “Nobody got time for that.” read more