Net Neutrality: Should the internet be FREE?!

Penny-Nickel-Dime-Quarter-Presidents-on-US-Coins-56d8e0373df78c5ba023fdd2It’s 12/31/2017 and surprisingly- even my own sanity is free at this point. I thought I had to go to a therapist or shovel pills down my throat every morning to do that. On the contrary in the age of 2017, a lot of stuff is free. Apparently net neutrality got killed in a hailstorm of Trumping this year. What is the issue with free stuff though?

I can hear the shrieking and shrills of new age neo- liberal millennials as clear as day after the revealing of net neutrality being terminated; which sounded something like, “You…….you’re taking my FREE STUFF.” read more


Branding, Marketing, and Social Media for Bosses: Interview with Lisabella Mansillo


Currently involved with Mumpreneur 2017 Summit, Lisabella Mansillo is a entrepreneur business owner and “mum”. Lisabella’s self-titled business Lisabella Mansillo: The Six Figure Lab is designed in order to assist entrepreneurs to create a successful business and all that entails; using the the three keys to a successful business- impact, influence, income.

After working in a corporate organization, Lisabella felt restless and decided to create her own part time business! Soon enough, after investing the hard work- her business grew. read more