Overzealous baby in Macy’s runs a muck!


My mom was visiting the local Macy’s in Rockawy, NJ. My mom loves shopping- what a surprise. The clicking and clonking of her shoes hitting the ground echoes throughout the store. She was glancing at some 1990’s label named shirts, sweaters, or pants. While minding her own business- she thought that a cute piece of clothing would jump out and catch her attention.

Suddenly a high pitched voice of a baby abruptly starts shouting.

“Fuck it, Fuck it, Fuck it!”

This baby happened to be my 3-year-old self- in the stroller. I was bouncing up and down- and wouldn’t stop chanting “Fuck it!” People started to jerk their heads up from being immersed in staring at Macy’s clothing, to wondering where this fowl mouthed voice is coming from. read more


President Trump invites millennial to a meeting at White House. What was said, WILL SHOCK YOU!!

On Sept. 15, 2017, President Donald Trump cordially put out his -gigantic baseball mitt POTUS hands- to invite a 21-year-old millennial, Prete Tenshus, to a Sept. 16, 2017 meeting at the White House. President Trump was willing to pay for ALL travel expenses. Trump planned to discuss millennials in general, their abilities to spur positive change, and their projected continued impact on the nation in the coming years. In an unprecedented turn of events, Tenshus had this to say in response to President Trump’s invitation, “Nobody got time for that.” read more

My Recent & Upcoming Stand-Up Comedy Performances

I started doing stand-up comedy in the Fall of 2015 after I met some new friends who invited me to go to an open mic night. It went surprisingly well for my first time, and I loved it so I continued. Fast forward to July 2016, I opened for Rich Carucci on July 8th at the Stanhope House in Stanhope, NJ. You can view my set for that show here  Then on October 21st, opened for Rich Vos, also at the Stanhope House. These two shows were my 1st and 2nd time being the opening comedian for a show.

I’ll be performing in the Mickey “Who?” Comedy Showcase at the Randolph Performing Arts Center, 8:00pm November 12th. The entry costs $10. Come out, it’ll be a fun time! read more