Feisty, fun, and spunky Australian resident, living on a Work Visa: Nathalie Duran


Nathalie Duran- Jersey girl, living in Sydney. For a few years, I knew I was going to graduate Uni, but as time came closer, future became blurrier. I didn’t really want to stay in Jersey to have the regular life. Now what will I do?

Now I am in Australia, working as a bartender in Sydney, with friends from all parts of the world and all different ages! Sounds like it escalated real quick ay? When I first got here, I spent about 2 months in Sydney, then had an impulse to go to Brisbane, followed by another impulse to stay there. I wonder when of my next impulse will be! I have plans to go to Thailand and New Zealand within the next several months, and possibly London in December! read more


Make your backyard dreams come true! Interview with Papa Grieve’s Pools LLC’s founder-Gregory Grieves!


Papa Grieve’s Pools LLC- a pool service and repair company based in Northern New Jersey- is splashing throughout the local area; however, the Papa Grieve’s Pool wave has serviced as far south as Princeton in Central New Jersey. The business was originally founded by Gregory Grieves, in Oak Ridge, NJ in 2010. Greg built the company from the ground up- initially using his own 2010 Mercury Mountaineer as the sole vehicle to carry equipment from house-to-house; quite quickly, the business grew and blossomed- and Ford Vans were added to the arsenal of vehicles. read more