Net Neutrality: Should the internet be FREE?!

Penny-Nickel-Dime-Quarter-Presidents-on-US-Coins-56d8e0373df78c5ba023fdd2It’s 12/31/2017 and surprisingly- even my own sanity is free at this point. I thought I had to go to a therapist or shovel pills down my throat every morning to do that. On the contrary in the age of 2017, a lot of stuff is free. Apparently net neutrality got killed in a hailstorm of Trumping this year. What is the issue with free stuff though?

I can hear the shrieking and shrills of new age neo- liberal millennials as clear as day after the revealing of net neutrality being terminated; which sounded something like, “You…….you’re taking my FREE STUFF.” read more


Contemplative Leaf Raking


As Fall is upon us now, one thing is for certain- the leaves are changing color and falling. I happen to live- in the middle of nowhere- in the sticks. There are plenty of leaves here if you want some.

I was out in my front yard diligently raking the crispy dry red, yellow, and orange leaves into small piles; creating 1 pile, then 2 piles, then 3, then 4, and combining them all together. Then a metaphor popped into my mind: you build your life and accumulate success (in whatever form you please: materially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally), gradually, until you have a bigger and bigger pile. Unless you’re the luckiest person alive, and win the lottery, catch a windfall, sign a contract with satan, or randomly get cast into a million dollar movie role. A lot of the time, you accumulate different successes from different leaf piles aka sources. For example, your job as an accountant earns you a large enough salary to make a living, but doesn’t fulfill you; you perform stand-up comedy for a tiny pay, yet it leaves you deeply fulfilled. read more

Looking at the Zoo of Humanity from the outside.

Everyone in the world is biased, some more so than others. If a person decides to talk poorly about one of your family members (Jimbob) whom you love and are loyal to- you’re going to defend them; regardless of the rightness or wrongness of their actions- Jimbob might’ve stole someone’s money or pushed a grandma into a puddle of mud. You’d rather share some rather strong words with Jimbob’s attacker, or maybe a knuckle sandwich.

Then there are those who feel a sort of partial detachment from strong emotions, the world, bias. They acknowledge their own bias, though can see beyond it. You wear a green shirt, on team green shirt- but don’t demonize others on different teams. read more